Whenever we are poor, we know that banking institutions and financial organizations never want to lend us cash. This is even more true whenever one lives in a nation where the banking system is not being able. For those who have money and want to assist the poor, there is another way to provide money in solidarity.   Assist the poor through credit.


Credit between individuals

Credit between individuals

Helping the most disadvantaged by means of microcredit. Small-loan Lenders, the MicroFinance Institute (IMF). Small-loan Lenders proposes, on the type of the Nobel peace reward winner Muhammed Yanos, the particular famous banker of the bad, founder of the Greenmark Financial institution, zero-rate loans for the bad of the South, from the rich of the North.

The Greenmark Bank will be the world’s first microcredit organization, which lends money to the people who have no one else to show to, and Small-loan Loan companies draw inspiration from it to determine its model. This is not a charitable organization, it is a loan, based on the concrete project. The buy of sheep for example, that will allow the beneficiary of the credit score to produce wool and thus to aid himself by selling the particular wool.

Small-loan Lenders proposes to connect those who want to lend to the poor, subsequent concrete projects presented on the site. It will be understood, Small-loan Lenders is a solidarity organization, but does not do charitable organization!


Recipients must have the concrete project to distribute

Recipients must have a concrete project to submit

Which Small-loan Loan companies expose on its web site. This project must be practical. The person must of course payback, but at zero price. It should be noted, however, that when for example you lend fifty euros, only a portion of your own loan will go into the fingers of the recipient: there are working costs, the remuneration of individuals on the spot, and so on. But it is definitely more advantageous for the bad than to go to a bank that could not lend them in any case, where would practice a lot more prohibitive interest rates!

With microfinance, you offer to people excluded from the financial system a sum of money. Once the project you financed is done, and you have been reimbursed, you are able to choose to lend the money once again to help another person finance their own ideas to get out of it. recuperate your money. It is the power from the Internet to link loan companies with credit applicants in a really simple, peer-to-peer fashion. Simply no charity. For a little more clearness, I put here a prepared by Small-loan Lenders, which usually explains very well the concept.

For the minute, Small-loan Lenders is as a result mainly turned towards the bad countries. It’s a shame, due to the fact we have many poor people within our area who would need a microcredit. It is true that we now have a few initiatives that are developing within France, such as the personal microcredit of the Ile de Italy, or loans from ADIE, but nothing of the scale associated with microfinance in third world nations.


Put credit persons in direct contact with personal lenders

Put credit claimants in direct contact with private lenders

This is not a charitable organization, the lender only does that will: lend. His money is going to be returned to him, set up funded project goes broke: the MFI (Micro Financing Institutions) is guarantor from the borrower. You do not earn money (no interest), but at the same time, you do not earn much more by allowing him to sleep in savings, which is currently very badly paid. Veecus is a business that obtained in December yr the Finansol label, an assurance of transparency and high quality, a guarantor of solidarity financial savings.

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