Borrow money and surcharges

Whether you can get a loan depends on a large part of your income. It is then important to know which allowances are included and which are not. Borrowing money and allowances are directly related. The higher your income, the more you can borrow. It does not only help for the amount of your loan. Continue Reading

Request a mini loan?

If you want to borrow a small amount then you speak of a mini loan. Do you want to request a mini loan? Then read on. Credit Saver lists the advantages and disadvantages of a mini loan for you. We will also tell you more about how you can apply for a mini loan. What Continue Reading

Request revolving credit

Take out a personal loan from 4.5% Fixed monthly costs Low fixed interest from 4.5% Always pay off without penalty in the meantime Fixed duration, no surprises Take out a personal loan Take out ongoing credit from 4.5% Variable interest Lowest interest rate in the Netherlands from 21 to 66 years old Take out ongoing Continue Reading